The things we need to do. I tried to put them in the order that we need to do them. Hopefully this would be useful for organizing.

#1 Analysis and summary of the organization and their current activitiesEdit

Is this the Research: Architecture for Humanity page? Are we just giving her the URL to the wiki, didn't a group do a website or something online for the last project? Hm..

#2. Inspiration Boards - Due: October ___? I..did not write this down sry.Edit

1 - The Organization - Architecture for Humanity

2 - Their Challenges

3 - Context and Inspiration

#3. Research and BrainstormingEdit

1 - Research (AfH needs, problems for the prototype/solution)

2 - Brainstorming for the Prototype/Solution.

#4. Prototype/Service SolutionEdit

1 - The Prototype

2 - Illustrations

3 - In context use of our solution (?)

#5. Advertising Campaign ProposalEdit

1 - Find out who we're marketing to (end user, donor, etc.)

2 - The proposal

#6. BibliographyEdit

MLA format!

#7 Put everything together!Edit

Everything including research notes, and design iterations.

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